Christmas coming …and a new house too!

Julia and Carl don’t have children, but they have large families. They both have good jobs, and their marriage is better than ever. In fact, Julia was recently promoted.

Christmas is coming and they want to take this opportunity to buy a more spacious house that will allow them to invite both their families. Julia wants to bring the five aunts that raised her, while Carl wants his parents and three brothers to stay over the holidays.

When it’s time to buy a property, you’ll always be better off by requesting an expert’s advice. Why? Let’s dive into it:
Buying a property is a big decision. The first step is finding a good Realtor who can walk you through the entire homebuying process. In order to make this experience successful, we offer a FREE CONSULTATION! It’s here when we begin to work for you, or, in this case, for Julia and Carl.

It is necessary to have a space to explain and review homebuying process: expectations, special requests, budget, restraints, and possibilities. It’s the only way to build up a good client-agent relationship. In Julia and Carl’s case they need to know if it’s too late to get a house before Christmas.

Here are some questions you will find in this consultation:
• What type of home are you looking for?
• How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
• Location?
• Are outdoor spaces a priority? Front and backyards.
• Are you looking for move-in ready home, or are you in for some upgrades?
• Are you prequalified for a mortgage?
• What is your price range?

Personal savings are very important, they allow for greater mortgages or downpayments and that will give you an edge in the bidding process.
Finally, remember that having good communications with your agent is key in order to achieve a pleasant and successful experience.
What are you waiting for to request your FREE CONSULTATION? Julia and Carl already did it and will probably spend Christmas with their families in a new big house!

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