Why should you sell?



Want to sell?

GO4YOURPROPERTY can connect you with top Real Estate Agents in California. With over a decade of buying and selling through the highs and lows of the housing market, our Agents will be more than happy to assist you with all their experience.

Real Estate is in many ways similar to the stock market. It is wise to sell while you are still ahead of the game.

It won’t last forever

SELL NOW, Let our experts tell you how.

Do you need a loan?

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a long-time homeowner

Getting pre-approved can help you make a smart financial decision when purchasing a home. As part of the process, we will guide you with an experienced lender who will review your information and determine what you are most likely able to qualify for, setting prices and interest rates that fit your financial requirements.
Apply for a Loan
You've found the home of your dreams! The countdown begins when you are ready
to apply for a mortgage.
The first step is to fill out a mortgage application.
A loan officer will help you determine what documents are re, along with a:
Loan Estimate (LE) and
Closing Disclosure (CD).
Processing your Loan
Loan processors review
the credit reports and documentation used to verify your employment, debts, payment histories and other personal financial aspects. They also review the appraisal report and survey results for any property issues that may affect final loan approval.
Underwriting the Loan
Underwriters review the loan package to determine whether the income, credit and property value meet the lender’s criteria. The lender will order a closing date with you when all conditions are met and title insurance has been received.
Funding your Loan
Once all the criteria is met, the lender funds the loan with a cashier's check, draft, or wire to the closing agent in exchange for the transfer of title.
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We can help you through every step of the mortgage process.

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